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Albanian Consumer Rights

According to the Law Nr.9902 dated 17.4.2008, Article 4. On the basic rights of Albanian consumers are:

  • the right to protection of health, environment and safety of life
  • the right to protection of economic interests
  • the right to appeal
  • the right to redress (compensation required)
  • the right to education
  • the right to information
  • the right to use (for access) to public services
  • the right of legal protection
  • the right to organize into associations or unions aimed at protecting consumer interests in decision-making bodies.

Legal Support

  1. The Association conducts its operations according to the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, as defined in Article 19 of the Statute of ACA.
  2. Law no. 8788, dated 07.05.2001 “On Non-Profit Organizations”.
  3. 2. The new Law “Consumer Protection” No. 9902, dated 17.04.2008.
  4. STATUTE Consumer Association
  5. Law Food N/, 9863, dated 28.01.2008
  6. Veterinary Service Law
  7. Waters peer-law not to potable water
  8. Law on Food of breeding
  9. Law Alcohol
  10. Trade Law; Shipping Code, Customs Code, Civil Code
  11. Law of the State Sanitary Inspectorate
  12. Law on Urban Planning
  13. Law on Medical Drugs
  14. Law on Environmental Protection
  15. Alimentaria Kodexi! – Not finalized
  16. Law Antiduhan
  17. Law of Thermo-damp
  18. Energy Sector Law
  19. Telecommunications Law
  20. Law on Local Government (and civil emergencies)

STATUTE “Albanian Consumer Association”

*** Article 1: The Association is a nonprofit organization in the legal form of the “Association” and consists of a voluntary union of buyers and Albanian goods and services or foreign.
*** Article 3: The purpose of the Association is to protect the consumer, and to educate citizens with the legal norms to protect and realize the rights and interests.
*** Article 4.1: The object of the Association, to make known to the citizens th rights of consumers by the UN and Consumer International (CI) consumer rights under laws that protect consumers and acts as sub-legal. To make the aware of the legal road protection of their interests.
*** Article 4.3: Pursuant to complaints association protects social and economic interests in every area of their interests.
*** Article 4.4: The association informs, advises, educates, customers adapted to their needs, trains physical and juridical persons that provide goods and services, respecting the standards, laws, agreements conformity both sides.
*** Article 4.5: Every time the customer’s rights infringed by the market, the association informs the relevant government bodies and seeking their intervention for the implementation of laws in favor of consumers.
*** Article 5.6: Protection Association takes the physical persons or legal entities who are or are not members of the Association, but as consumers seek protection.
*** Article 6: Prohibition of distribution of profits
No form of distribution of profit, financial or material benefit from earnings and profits of the association of persons who are subject to the statute or charter, except the final payment obligations from the contract of employment.
*** Article 7: Duration: Association operates for an indefinite time period.
*** Article 8: Leading Authorities

  • Assembly as the body’s decision-making
  • Steering Committee
  • President, Secretary General