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Finances (Projects)

    1. During 1993, ACA is funded by UK, on the organization of study on: “Recognition of Laws”
    2. In the 1993-1994 ACA again was supported by UK, for office equipment.
    3. In the years 1994-1995 funded by ACA WEST.M.D. Partner-Ship, Tacis-Democracy
    4. In the years 1996-1998, ACA is funded by the Partner-Ship, Tacis-Democracy, Now-How Fund, USAID (ORT)
    5. In the years 1999-2000, ACA was supported by the Now-How Fund, DFID
    6. In the years 2001-2002, ACA was supported by SNV
    7. In the years 2003-2004, ACA was supported by SNV, to educate citizens to pay the taxes.
    8. In 2005 -2006, ACA has taken the project from English-Australian Embassy for recycling and plasticity.
    9. In 2006, is funded by the EU.
    10. In 2006, GTZ has funded the project (paid two employers for 6 months and has reconstructed the counseling office, managed by itself).
    11. Cards / 1, Cards / 2, Cards / 3, Cards / 4, Cards / 5, Cards / 6, have funded, in staff training, managed by Dr./M.K the METE.
    12. In the year 2010 with the participation of UNDP Training for specific sectors such as water and energy.

    Association for 2010 is supported by:

  1. Regular membership fee
  2. Quotes from new members
  3. By photocopy and other services

All funds, supports, and any other action is in accordance with the Charter of SHKSH (ACA), CI, with the Laws of NGO-s, and Protection Consumer Law.