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ACA – has been part of the World Consumer Organization since 1993. As a member of the CI, it works with national and international standards.


The Albanian Consumer Association extends across the country with contact points, groups and regions. Work programs fit the region. In all 12 regions, they work to inform and educate consumers in co-operation with local government and their activities are programmed. Volunteer work is done in these cities of Tirana, Durrës, Shkodra, Lezha, Peshkopi, Kukës, Elbasan, Berat, Gjirokastra, Fier, Vlora and Korça.

In particular, it has been worked with coordinators and specialists in the 6 largest regions to increase the level of knowledge of laws and consumer rights. We have distributed the voice of the association and its work in defense of the interests of Albanian consumers through the print and visual media, with the distribution of leaflets, banners, newspapers, etc. 

According to Article 17.1 of the Statute: for the realization of the mission the association cooperates with homologous associations, institutions, legal persons in the country or abroad.

  • Thus, in the framework of continuous cooperation, it works and supports campaigns organized by the International Consumer CI
  • With the EU Consumer EU
  • Cooperation with METE (Directorate of Consumer Protection – Market Supervision “
  • Collaboration with DPS Standards
  • Cooperation with MAFCP for the AKU “On Consumer Protection Laws".
  • Ministry of Health for “Iodize"
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Integration “On GMOs."
  • Collaboration with UNDP
  • Business Associations
  • Cooperation with the Business Union
  • Collaboration with Italian Food Safety Organization with Ms Maria Teresa Paglia
  • Cooperation with South Korea on customer problems and G-20 in Seoul for financial services to consumers
  • Collaboration with CI for the Global Child Nutrition Campaign “Obesity" and bad financial and banking services to consumers.
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance on; bad financial and banking services to consumers and G-20 messages to the financial sector.
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Health on the elimination of contamination from the chimney waste of the hospital waste, thus avoiding the pollution of air and the environment.
  • Cooperation with Kosovo
  • With Macedonia
  • Water sector
  • Order of Pharmacists of Albania
  • Cooperates with the Competition Authority

ACA, has links to several independent local associations.

ACA cooperates with associations which are interested such as:

  • Organic Agriculture Association
  • Farmers’ Association
  • The Farming Association
  • Veterans Association
  • Pensioners Association
  • Kosovo Consumers Association
  • Other related and interested associations
  • “Flag of the Nation" Association
  • Women’s Association of Albania
  • Albanian Emigrant Association Greece, Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, New Zealand etc …

A great attention and cooperation has been with the media in general, which has followed and reflected various issues in informing and sensitizing the consumers and the sectors that protect it.

Cooperation with Written and Visual Media:


  • Articles published 91
  • Radio and television interviews 25
  • Different exhibitions at the center and districts 18