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Consumer protection issues include legal policies and instruments to protect consumer safety, economic interests, and other consumer rights.

Consumer protection policies are summarized in strategic documents. For the first time, the main objectives of consumer protection policy in Albania have been defined in the first crosscutting strategy “On Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance for the period 2007-2013", approved by the Council of Ministers Decision no. 797, dated 14.11.2007.

The second strategic document is the Crosscutting Strategy “On Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance 2020". This document was approved by the Council of Ministers in September 2015 Consumer Protection Strategy and Market Surveillance

Legislation in the field of consumer protection covers aspects related to: general product safety for consumers, unfair commercial practices, sales of consumer goods accompanied by guarantees, contractual compliance of goods and services; unfair terms in contracts, price index, consumer credit, publicity, travel packages, distance sales, etc.

The legal framework, which guarantees the protection of consumer rights, has provided a full approximation to the relevant European directives and clearly defines the institutional framework for the implementation of this legislation.

Legislation on consumer protection consists of:

1. Legal Acts

“Law no. 9902, dated 17.04.2008 “On consumer protection", as amended (consolidated version),
Law no. 10480, dated 17.11.2011 “On General Safety of Non-Food Products", as amended,
LAW no. 71-2018, date 18.10.2018
The provisions of law no. 7850 of the Civil Code of 29.07.1994, as amended, regulating various aspects in the field of consumer protection