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ACA Members of the International Consumer Organization of  CI, since 1993, and has relationships and cooperates with the Standards, the Institute of Food, Hygiene Institute, Veterinary Research Institute, Institute of Public Health, etc.

ACA collaborates with state boards such as:

  • Board of Food (National Food Authority), in MBUMK
  • Co-ordination Council in METE
  • Cooperates with the Competition Authority
  • Cooperates with DPMK (meteorology)
  • Continued Cooperation and supporting campaigns organized by the International Consumer CI
  • Cooperation with European Union Consumer
  • Cooperation with METE "
  • Cooperation with DPS Standards
  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture for the NFA "On Consumer Protection Laws."
  • Ministry of Health for "Jodizimin"
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Integration "on GMOs."
  • Cooperation with UNDP Trade Associations
  • Cooperation with the Union Business
  • Cooperation with the Italian organization for food safety with Ms. / Maria Teresa Paglia
  • Cooperation with South Korea on the problems of consumers
  • and G 20 in Seoul for financial services to consumers
  • Cooperation with the CI global campaign for food for children "Obesity" and poor financial services to consumer banking.
  • The Ministry of Finance on; bad financial services and banking to the customers and orders of G 20 to the financial sector.
  • Cooperation with M. Health, on the elimination of pollution from the burning stack of hospital waste in a collaboration which was sidelined by burning them and thus avoid air pollution and the environment.
  • Cooperation with Kosovo
  • In Macedonia
  • Cooperate with the Competition Authority
  • Association "flag of a nation"
  • Women Association of Albania
  • Association of AlbanianØ emigrants
  • "Greece" Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc.


Attention and has been excellent cooperation with the media in general which has followed and reflected the various problems in information and awareness of consumerss sectors that protect it ..

Cooperation with the print and visual media:

  • Articles published 91
  • Interviews on radio and television 25
  • various exhibitions in the center and about 18